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Issue 30 - Beltaine/Summer 1996



Celtic Renewal Review by Tony Taylor "Celtic Renewal" is a short, 10 page, newsletter that contains some of the best Reviews I've ever seen. The issue I saw had reviews of a museum exhibit (at the Maritime Museum in Norwalk, CT) plus several movies ("Rob Roy", "Braveheart", "First Knight", and more) and the books I Celti and The Celtic World. The newsletter was nicely illustrated, well written, and focused on Celtic themes. The only detraction I found was that there was no subscription information included. I'll be writing them at P.O. Box 30, Green Farms, CT 06436-0030 to find out more information.

Highly Recommended.

UALLICCA Review by Ellen Evert Hopman Attention all French Speaking Druids!

I received a very fine looking magazine from L'Uxellos Druuidiactos de la Druuidica Comardia Eriutalamos, a branch of a Druid group based in Brittany, France. It is called UALLICCA and emphasizes Gaulish Druid history and folklore. It is beautifully edited and illustrated and appears to be an intellectually promising read.

For more information write them at: UALLICA, Case Postale 591, Succ. "R", Montreal, Quebec H2S 3L1

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