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Keltria Journal

Issue 31 - Lughnasadh/Fall 1996

An Interview with Tim Sebastian

By Ellen Evert Hopman

Tim Sebastian is the Archdruid of Wiltshire, Chosen Chief of the Secular Order Of Druids, Conservation Officer for the Council Of British Druid Orders and Bard of the Gorsedd of Caer Abiri (Avebury)

- Interviewed June 24 1995 at The Red Lion, Avebury, England

EH What does it mean to be a Conservation Officer?

ts It means that I am responsible for environmental matters such as conserving trees and conserving land. It also means that I have an extra task which is conserving Druidic heritage in Britain.

EH What first inspired you to become a Druid?

ts My name is Roman. Sebastian, after Saint Sebastian, Diocletian's plaything who found Christianity and was pierced by arrows. That's me. I was brought up in a Roman Catholic monastery from the age of eight until I escaped at the age of sixteen. Thank God.

My parents sent me there. I never forgave them for it. It was a Roman Catholic boarding school. The Black Monks, the Xavierian Brothers, who came from America, may they rot in Hell. I forgive them now but I didn't then.

When I chose my confirmation name I chose Saint Sebastian because of all those times in the monastery where I really did feel I was being pierced by arrows. When I became a Druid I chose to use my confirmation name rather than my real name.

I have rejected Christianity on all levels other than I think it's a system that has as much a right to exist as we do. I believe in the Goddess; I'd rather live under a matriarchal system than a patriarchal system. I also think the time is long past where we need to have these stupid arguments about Christianity versus Paganism. It's irrelevant in the modern world. The world is collapsing unless we all come together and love one another.

I was a hippie during the sixties in London.....

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