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Issue 39 - Lughnasadh/Fall 1998



Here is a tarot set full of pleasant surprises! It goes beyond be a traditional Tarot Set in two ways, you can learn how to shape shift (and transcend yourself) and you can find many hidden images in each card, giving you new perspectives each time you look.

Shapeshifting is basically about "assuming a certain creature's characteristic traits and talents for a particular purpose." {Page 11.} This accompaning book focuses on the experiential shifting of energy rather than the physical shapeshifting some Shamans have the power to do. When you shapeshift your perspective changes. The authors stress that you don't need years of training or study in order to shapeshift. It is more about merging breathing and intent; skills we all have. As it turns out, everything shapeshifts because energy cannot be destroyed. Everything changes form and shapshifting is simply a natural part of life.

For the serious tarot practitioner, the section on correspondences with more traditional tarot sets is very useful. Whether you intend to expand your own consciousness and spiritual progress or to use this set in counseling others, you will find it a beautiful addition to your collection. There are endless hours of insight and entertainment here. It is an excellent and hauntingly beautiful odyssey into new dimensions. Highly Recommended.


Shapeshifter Tarot by D.J. Conway and Sirona Knight., illustrations by Lisa Hunt,

Llewellyn Publications, ISBN 1-56718-384-0, pp. 264 and 82 full-color

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