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Issue 38 - Beltaine/Summer 1998


Review of The Pagan Family: Handing the Old Ways Down by Ceisiwr Serith

Review by Rain

As someone who is relatively new to paganism I have been searching for a way to involve my children as I learn myself. This book has proven to be very helpful. It is intentionally written to be easily adaptable to many pagan traditions. It gives many helpful tips on adapting ritual for use with children as the author is a pagan parent himself.

This book is helpful also to any pagan who feels a little weak in the area of rituals and their uses and meanings. Sample rituals are given for daily use, festivals, birth, death, coming of age, weddings and moon festivals. A detailed chapter on the history and use of ritual opens the book. Suggestions for activities that are easy to use even with young children are given for use in addition to rituals.

Especially nice is the reference to daily "prayer", something I do miss from my upbringing in the Catholic church. Since children thrive on routine, why not start some routines with prayer? Serith says that "prayer is a perfectly pagan thing to do". He compares it to chanting and further states: "The lack of conscious effort allowed by memorized prayers can shut up our minds long enough to allow the sacred in, if we give it a chance."

Since one of the most important things we do with our spiritual beliefs is to teach them to our descendants, why not study up on how best to do that? This book is Highly Recommended to anyone with children or anyone who leads a Grove with children involved in it.

Highly Recommended.

[This book is currently out of print, but we expect it to be back in print soon.]

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