Henge Happenings - Issue 42

Beltaine 1999

Book Review

Hungry Grass is a collection of poems by Mary-Beth O'Shea Noonan. Some of the poems within this volume have previously appeared in the Keltria Journal: "A Drink from the Seven Sisters" (#25), "Pagan Song" (#27), and "In the Baron's Kitchen" (#30).

Review by Topaz Owl

Immersing myself in this poetry, I found that the experience was like viewing snapshots of Ireland, snapshots that showed me the people of the land and the soul of the land itself, the mystery and the tradition that still clings to the rocks and the grass and the people there. The poet speaks of the commonplace and everyday, but in her straightforward yet passionate style we can catch glimpses of something much older, something timeless and sacred. These poems sing to the Celtic spirit in both celebration and sadness as we climb the hillside at Mullaghmore, slaughter lambs on Good Friday, milk cows, gather peas, swim horses at Lughnasadh, and listen in as an old woman explains about the time she saw the ghostly funeral coach come for her brother.

This volume is a wonderful Bardic celebration of life written from within the rich tradition of the Irish-American author as she comes face-to-face with her heritage and the passion of her soul in the Emerald Isle. In her well-crafted verse we are shown the beauty, the magic, and the pain that has molded the Irish people and their descendants from ancient times. Here we have the Celtic essence bared to us amid vivid imagery. I can highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates good poetry from the heart.

Hungry Grass, Mary-Beth O'Shea Noonan, Amherst Writers and Artists Press, 1998. ISBN: 0-941895-14-9



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Society of Celtic Shamans, P.O. Box 233, Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada V0M 1K0 publishes "Earthsongs: The Journal of the Society of Celtic Shamans". Contact them for information or on-line at www.faeryshaman.org.