The World of the Druids

by Miranda J. Green

Reviewed by Chris Lynner

This book is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a well researched and comprehensive book on Druidism. It covers what we know of the Druids of the past, how Druids have transformed over the years and where Druidism is at currently. The Henge of Keltria is also mentioned in this book.

If the lavish and plentiful photos of archelogical finds, Celtic artwork, historical drawings, maps and photos of modern neopagans do not draw you in; then certainly the text will. Ms. Green explores all of the current information available on the Druids ranging from the Celtic Myths transcribed by Monks and Scholars of the medieval ages, the writings of the classical authors such as Ceasar, the study of the roots of a common Indo-European language and the findings of modern archeology.

The last chapter provides a honest look at what modern Druids believe and how they interpret the past. Quite often modern Druids are not respected by the authors of books such as this one. It is refreshing to see that Ms. Green does not denigrate the efforts at reconstructing the Celtic religion/s in the context of the modern world. Modern Druidism holds a great respect for the ways of the ancestors.

Price $29.95 ISBN 0-500-05083X

Thames and Hudson, 1997, 192 pages

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