Airway Heights Chaplain Seeks Sponsor for Inmates (Washington)

Photo of Airway Heights Corrections Center

Airway Heights Corrections Center

Greetings to you from DOC Chaplain Joseph Luce at Airway Heights Corrections Center –

The purpose of my email today is to extend to you a heartfelt invitation from the inmates in the Druidry group here at Airway Heights Corrections Center to come here to minister or to teach or to share with us. We are asking you to consider sponsoring our Druid group, or perhaps sharing in the sponsorship of the group.

The Druidry group here began in July 2012 and meets twice per month. The group has prepared and enjoyed outdoor and indoor rituals at eight key times during the year, including fire festivals. I can attest that the men here are sincere about learning and practicing Druid rituals and Druid magic. They are asking me to pass on their heartfelt invitation to you for your help.

In the words of the inmate group themselves, “We are a newly formed Druid group tudy sessions and eight fire festivals.”here at Airway Heights Corrections Center. Our members study or adhere to various Druidic traditions or teachings including, but not limited to, the OBOD, AODA, and the ADF. We are in dire need of a sponsor to facilitate group functions that include two monthly study sessions and eight fire festivals.”

We are appreciative of any time or assistance you could provide. Please feel free to contact me regarding the process and qualifications for your sponsorship.

The group also is need of pamphlets or literature packets to generate interest and awareness of Druidry here at AHCC among the general population, as well as study materials to gain spiritual depth. Donations would be welcomed at:

AHCC – Religious Program Donations – Druidry
Attn: Chaplain Luce
11919 W. Sprague Ave.
PO Box 1899
Airway Heights, WA 99001

Blessings to you,

Chaplain Joseph Luce
(509) 244-6800

From the President – Beltaine 2013 (Public Version)

By Tony Taylor

Photo of Tony Taylor with deer staff

Tony Taylor

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Druidic Donations Requested

Chaplain Bradley at the Madison (Florida) Correction Institution requests Druid reading materials for inmates at his facility.  If you have something to donate, please send them to:

James L. Bradley, Senior Chaplain
Madison Correctional Institution
382 SW MCI Way
Madison, FL 32340

or you may contact Chaplain Bradley directly for more information at via email at or via telephone: (850) 973-5506.

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