From the Secretary – Lughnasadh 2013

by Eibhlean

Lughnasadh 2013

Photo of Secretary Eíbhlean

Secretary Eíbhlean

Employing MailChimp as our Henge Membership Database and Media Campaign management system is a success. We continue to document and refine our processes ensuring consistency and solid follow-up on all membership related tasks.

The Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe and Annual Meeting was a wonderful event! Much gratitude to Stewart of the Woods and Firefly for all the imagination and work they put into making this gathering in Colorado Rockies a reality.

Please let us hear from you!  The beauty of our spirituality lies in our amazing diversity of talents.  Don’t hesitate to offer stories, ideas, music, rituals and research to share.  We all grow and are enriched by everyone’s unique expression of Life.

Walk with Wisdom, Strength and Gratitude,

Secretary, Henge of Keltria

HH-99 – From the President – Lughnasadh 2013

From the President

 Lughnasadh 2013

By Tony Taylor

Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe and Annual Meeting

Photo of Tony Taylor with deer staff

Tony Taylor

Wren and I have been busy with our many projects. Certainly the 2013 Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe and Annual Meeting of the Henge of Keltria was at the top of our list.  Every gather is great, but this year was among the best.  I hope we will have the gathering hosted there again sometime.

I enjoyed the field trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as workshops by Topaz Owl, Eibhlean Owl, and Steward of the Wood. It was really nice to meet our OBOD guests and a newer member from California who drove over 1000 miles to the gathering. She easily earned bragging rights for driving the longest distance to attend. There were many opportunities to connect with the nature spirits. Marmots, pikas, elk, magpies, and humming birds visited us throughout the field trip.

Book of Keltria

The big project Wren, Karl, and I are working on is the new Book of Keltria, which is our correspondence course in book form. There are new theology and ritual chapters replacing the previous versions of the correspondence course material. Also the Gods chapter has undergone substantial rewrite. A big change in the theology chapter is that the “beliefs” have been replaced with “hallmarks” of Keltrian Druidism. The fundamental difference between the beliefs and the hallmarks is that within Keltrian Druidism, what you believe is not as important as what you do. Hallmarks are based upon actions rather than words.

Book of Ritual

Another big project underway is a substantial rewrite of the Book of Ritual.  There are many things that were not covered adequately in  previous versions of the Book of Ritual. I hope to get this information incorporated and a new edition released soon after the Book of Keltria. This expanded edition will provide details on the how, what, and why of Keltrian ritual.


A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness

by Eíbhlean

Photo of Secretary Eibhlean

Secretary Eibhlean

Darkness.. The Void… The Abyss..The Absence of Light… For many of us whose personal and community spirituality encompasses the use of magickal practice as part of our worship – there is a “Light” time of the year and a “Dark” time of the year.  Whether your path walk celebrates this time as running from Samhain to Beltane, Imbolc to Lughnasadh or anywhere in between – if your particular practice includes acknowledging the duality aspect of existence – you will be observing a Dark period of energy work.

Dealing with Darkness can evoke all manner of concerns.  The unseen, deeper currents of the vast vibrating energetic sea that we all swim in can pull and tug at places within our own personal “Inner-scape” that trigger various levels of intensity in our inherent “fight or flight” impulses.  Many feel that is a black mirror into which they do not wish to peer.  Moreover, many really should not – if their personalities are particularly fragile or otherwise hyper-sensitively wired.  Nevertheless, with a grounded and reverent approach – this can be the time of truly embracing our own individual Great Work.

It is my belief that magick is not some historical relic that can be harnessed into a “one size fits all” practice.  To me, magick is a living essence and our diversity in how we each practice it shows its myriad beautiful faces.  Birthed in the unknown antiquity of the universe, magick reflects change and evolution.  While maintaining its birthright, magick adapts to the nuances of mundane time, place, person, and purpose.

Masculine or Feminine, Lunar or Underworld, Dark Hunter or Veiled Crone - whatever faces or aspects you are most familiar and comfortable with – the Dark Time encompasses and goes beyond them all.  Who would willingly choose to face, embrace, and pull in the lessons from our less than admirable aspects?  Who wants to stand – open and completely vulnerable – and allow the very tangible pain of having our outmoded definition of our selves be torn down and reborn newer, stronger and, paradoxically for this time of year, “lighter”?  In the path that our collective walks, it is part of our responsibility as a Druid.

It takes no small amount of courage and an ability to accept that even with the best of intentions – we all screw up - repeatedly.  We hurt people.  With what we think might be the most casual of actions or words – we sometimes unintentionally rend the very fabric of another person’s personal perspective of reality.  When we choose to face and step through the portals of painful experiences and potentially the past life baggage that we all carry – what we emerge as impacts everyone around us.  As we grow, evolve and expand we touch something in each person who interacts with us and a spark is planted that may <or may not> begin to reach out.  It is a reaffirmation of our connection and it is based on how we choose to engage ourselves in our Lives.  Most of us hold that we are – in essence – light.  It is an expression of the balance of our reality that our greatest life/light work comes from our dreams in the dark.

- Eíbhlean of GryphonSong

From the President

From the President - Lughnasadh 2012

by Tony Taylor

Photo of Tony Taylor with deer staff

Tony Taylor

Keltria Journal

Wren and I are pleased to announce the return of Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick.  After a thirteen-year hiatus we will publish the journal again. Members of the Henge will receive an electronic edition of the Journal as part of their membership in addition to Henge Happenings.  Distribution of Keltria Journal will also be offered to nonmembers of the Henge.  Keltria Journal returns to its focus on y Celtic scholarship and other items of academic interest. The submission guidelines are posted on the Keltria website.

In the Works

Another exciting Council of Elders project is the Book of Keltria. It includes the complete Correspondence Course and a chapter devoted to the History of the Henge. The Correspondence Course, in its present form, will be eliminated and a new “mentorship” process will be developed for those interested in the Keltrian Druid path.

Publishing a 2013 Henge of Keltria Calendar is in the works.  It will be a wonderful edition to our desks.