Henge Happenings

Henge Happenings:

The official publication for the members of the Henge of Keltria is Henge Happenings. The is a Member's Edition that contains Henge Business, Grove Business, and articles from the Three Paths of service. Henge Business includes reports from the officers of the Henge. Grove Business includes information about what Groves are doing as well as information of interest to Solitary practice. The Three Paths are those of the Bard, the Seer, and the Druid. These paths relate to Ancestors, Nature Spirts, and the Gods and Goddesses as well as the Past, the Present, and the Future and the Celtic worlds of Sea, Land, and Sky. The latest Henge Happenings, Member's Edition is available for download from the Members Home page.

Much of the material in Henge Happenings is also posted to the Henge Blog pages and are available for download from other locations.  To see what is available check out the Legacy Henge Happenings page and the ISSUU page.