Editor’s Note: Lughnasadh 2014

A Warm Welcome in this Harvest Season!

By Jenne Micale

Photo of Editor Jenne Micale

A blessed Lughnasadh to you all! As the new editor of Henge Happenings, let me introduce myself.

You may have seen my poetry and articles in previous issues, or my occasional postings on Facebook or in the Keltria Yahoo group. Perhaps you've checked out my music at www.kwannon.net, or my sporadic musings at whitecatgrove.wordpress.com. Or, perhaps I am completely unfamiliar to you, a new face in your field of vision. To all of you, I give my greetings.

I've been with the Henge for a number of years and am a Keltrian initiate currently in the Ring of Birch; previously, my spiritual path took me to the Dianic and Reclaiming traditions, and finally to ADF, where I spent a number of years before transitioning to the Henge. A proud Jersey girl, I am now planted in the Southern Tier of New York, where I continue to be fascinated by the natural world.

While I once had a small grove – White Cat – and occasionally do Keltrian rituals with a sister Pagan, I am largely solitary in practice. I know that many of you are, too. And that's what makes Henge Happenings so important: it, along with social media and the Yahoo group, helps create a faith community that we can't always experience in the flesh.

Appropriately enough for Lughnasadh, one of the lessons of the harvest is that communities must work together in order to survive – whether it's bundling John Barleycorn in the field, or putting together a newsletter. In short, Henge Happenings needs you – all of you, solitary and grove member alike – to be successful.

We come out four times a year on the Celtic holidays, and always need articles! Do you have a great idea for Grove's Choice or a craft activity related to the season? A meditation or magical practice? A recipe you love to use on the Feast Days? Share it! Are you interested in ancient Irish law, one of the Gods, Goddesses or heroes, or other aspects of Druidic culture? Consider writing an article! Share your work with ancestors, nature spirits and the Gods, or do a review on that really cool book, enticing music CD or interesting Tarot deck you've just picked up.

More of a visual type? We need artwork: cool photographs, paintings or drawings of nature, your ritual set-up, that interesting tree or stone.

Shy and uncertain about your writing? Don't be! I've worked as a professional writer and editor for 15 years, and before that, as a college writing instructor. I am more than willing to help you achieve your vision and work with you on your wordcraft, if you so desire.

Have a great idea, but one that doesn't fit with the current holiday cycle featured in Henge Happenings? I accept submissions year-round and will happily use it in a future issue, so press that send button!

We Keltrians are a talented people, a people of skill – and we honor our tribe by sharing those skills.

Please send submissions to me at dulcimergoddess@hotmail.com.

P.S.: I am trying to create this newsletter in OpenOffice, and I must say that it's challenging! If the technically minded among you can recommend reasonably-priced or open-source software for easy newsletter creation, please drop me a line! I'll love you to bits.