Secretary’s Report: July 2016

Written before the Gathering.
The Gathering of the Keltrian Tribes is just around the corner!  We look forward to greeting and celebrating again with our Henge brothers and sisters who could make the journey.  Know that all who are absent will be held in our minds and hearts with much love and appreciation for the energy everyone brings to keeping our Tradition strong and growing.   Membership activity overall has been light -- but we are happy to see that several new members have recently joined the Henge list. Please do respond with a warm welcome when they introduce themselves online.
Thank you all for the privilege of giving service as Secretary these last four years.
Walk with Wisdom, Strength and Gratitude


From the Secretary – Lughnasadh 2013

by Eibhlean

Lughnasadh 2013

Photo of Secretary Eíbhlean

Secretary Eíbhlean

Employing MailChimp as our Henge Membership Database and Media Campaign management system is a success. We continue to document and refine our processes ensuring consistency and solid follow-up on all membership related tasks.

The Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe and Annual Meeting was a wonderful event! Much gratitude to Stewart of the Woods and Firefly for all the imagination and work they put into making this gathering in Colorado Rockies a reality.

Please let us hear from you!  The beauty of our spirituality lies in our amazing diversity of talents.  Don’t hesitate to offer stories, ideas, music, rituals and research to share.  We all grow and are enriched by everyone’s unique expression of Life.

Walk with Wisdom, Strength and Gratitude,

Secretary, Henge of Keltria

From the Secretary – Beltaine 2013

by Eibhlean

Photo of Secretary Eíbhlean

Secretary Eíbhlean

Beltaine 2013

Keltrians around the world are feeling the expansive spring and pre-summer energy energy. We celebrate in many new and innovative ways, so let’s share our joy of learning and growing as a tribe.

Our 2013 Gathering is coming together beautifully and we encourage everyone to join us in Colorado for what we anticipate will be a great and empowering Gathering....

We continue to look for innovative ways to reach out and engage our collective and the greater community.  Please share your stories and insights regarding honoring our Ancestors, our joy at sharing this amazing world with the Nature Spirits and our devotion and service to the Gods.  Keltrian Druids appreciate the many unique perspectives that intelligent and thoughtful minds bring to the tapestry of our shared understanding.  We stand together in sadness and joy.  We continue to strive every day of our lives to Walk with Wisdom.

With gratitude,
Secretary – Henge of Keltria

Birds and Squirrels

Birds and Squirrels

by Wren

Photo of Wren Taylor

Secretary Wren

Birds are effective eavesdroppers and stunning gossips.  Squirrels play practical jokes and tell shaggy dog stories. The twain usually get along fine in a suburban backyard.  The squirrels enjoy showing off knowing they have the attention of the birds, and the birds try to decode the squirrel jokes to pass on no matter how tattered in the retelling.

My first ritual of the day is to sit next to the backyard pond under the black cherry tree slurping a lukewarm coffee-like substance.  This is where I get my first news of the day.  I don’t understand the squirrel jokes either, but I enjoy the fact that they think they’re funny and how they revel in the recounting.  The birds let me know who is in the neighborhood and what they think of them.  They also share their assessment of the current weather conditions – and more often, than not - their opinions of the squirrels.

One morning was different; the yard was unusually quiet. I didn’t think too much of it, although it had my attention. Within a few minutes, a squirrel came screaming – literally and figuratively – across the tall weathered wooden fence that separates two suburban yards. Hot on his tail was an angry robin looking more like a fighter jet than a bird with wings swept back in attack mode. That was odd; they are usually good neighbors.  Then it happened again; this time it was a different squirrel and a screaming bluejay.  What was going on here? Oh. Eggs.

By this time, my beloved had joined me, so I said, “Negotiations have broken down, and are irreparable.” He responded with his usual “uh-huh”, which means, “yes, Dear, I hear you speaking, but I’m not really listening.”  I heard myself, though, and it got me to thinking. A pebble had been dropped in the pond of my mind causing concentric ripples.

Isn’t that just like the One Percent that has the Ninety-nine Per centers so angry?  The former apparently believe they are entitled to all of the eggs.  Hang on a sec. Isn’t that like the House of Representatives and the Senate in Washington?  Both the Democrats and Republicans don’t want to share any eggs, and squawk loudly each accusing the other side of treachery and trespass.  Hold on here. Isn’t this like countries that invade each other for reasons of resources or ideology?  Whoa. These were not new realizations, of course; however, I had not thought of it in terms of eggs in a nest nor nest eggs.

As a Keltrian Druid, my values and worldview is encompassed in the Beliefs of Keltrian Druidism. Looking closely at theses thirteen statements, I found seven that applied to my line of morning musing. Not every belief applies to all situations, but in this case, when considering how neighbors near and far choose whether to get along or not for creative problem solving culminating in mutually beneficial results, certain tenets do come to my mind. I will explore one for each scenario.

In the case of the One Per-centers, my simplified perception is that while the bail out money may have been repaid in most cases, the spirit of the rescue was that the Ninety-nine Per-centers would see some benefit from the government loans. Instead, displays of greed and focus on corporate profits were the results.  Keltrian Belief #8 applies to this situation, which states: We believe that morality is a matter of personal conviction based upon self-respect and respect for others.  To my thinking, greed is a character flaw, which demonstrates lack of self-respect. Likewise, refusing to do the right thing by easing the burden on the public’s cash flow is disrespectful of these individuals whose tax money saved the day. To me this is tantamount to egg stealing.

Turning to Washington politics, Keltrian Belief #10 comes to mind.  This Belief proclaims in part: We believe in the relative nature of all things, that nothing is absolute…  My impression is that the “us against them” attitude, which appears to emphasize beating the other guys rather than acting in general public interest. This attitude of “my way or the highway” politics has cost us hard working moderates in the House and the Senate who find their hands tied and time wasted when absolutes thrust a stick into the wheel of constructive compromise.  In this case, there are plenty of eggs to share, but special interests are unwilling.

Then there’s the state of world affairs. For this, I’ll turn to Belief #9, which says: We believe that evil is not a matter of inheritance, but of intent.  Why do we have wars?  All too often, I feel we are fed propaganda with a spoon, and told the other side is evil and must be stopped. It’s the get them before they get us mentality. When the layers of onionskin are peeled back one by one, it becomes apparent  - to me at least – that the real issues revolve around either coveting someone else’s eggs or fear of a race of people who have different customs and beliefs. An example comes to mind from a story that pops up from time to time on twenty-four hour news networks. Israel is concerned that Iran will unleash a nuclear attack directed at them. The best option is to attack first because the Iranians are evil. This may be sensationalized by the newsgroups that need to fill airtime, but lit stokes an opinion that is based in fear and not necessarily fact. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I believe that most people in the world are good if not misguided from time to time.  True evil is relatively rare. Good people make mistakes, which cause harm, but it is usually unintentional.  On the other hand, is it intentional evil to mislead others into acting on misinformation?

What does this mean to Keltrian Druids?  As intimately involved in our church as I am, Keltrian philosophies and practices are never very far from my mind. I wonder sometimes if this extends to our other members. Within the last year, two members on different occasions commented on how applying the Keltrian discipline of thinking in Triads, which is a uniquely Keltrian teaching, and conscious application of the thirteen Keltrian beliefs has benefited them in all aspects of their daily lives. I freely admit this brought a grin to my face. Overall, I believe Druids to be inherently practical people, who apply abstract philosophical concepts to mundane situations.

All of this being said, I don’t expect birds and squirrels to understand nor care about my musings. They are creatures of immediacy and have concerns regarding their own politics and survival issues. I thank and honor them for inspiring a fresh and simple perspective. Sometimes when situations seem too large to do anything about such as national and international issues, breaking them down to something as simple as egg stealing can possibly provide a path to solutions so each and every one of us can act using the thirteen Keltrian Beliefs as a guide.

Respectfully submitted,

Nota Bene:  If you are not familiar with the Keltrian discipline of thinking in Triads for problem solving, let me know and I will address it in another essay.

2009 HoK Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
1:00 PM EDT – July 25, 2009
Maine Room, Hampton Inn, Bangor, ME

Called to Order 1:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

Board members present:

  • President Topaz Owl
  • Vice President Wren
  • Secretary/Trustee Tony
  • Treasurer Karl
  • Trustee Rain
  • Trustee Caroline

Roll was taken by the Secretary of the members of the Henge who were present.

It included the Board plus 3 general members, Naomi, Autumn Rose, and Sam, which was a quorum of the membership.

Invocation was given by Arch-Druid Karl.

Minutes of prior (2008) annual meeting minutes were sent to all attendees of last year’s meeting.  They were accepted with no further additions or corrections.

President’s Report - TopazOwl

President TopazOwl forgot to bring the cattle of the Henge.  Was going to bring to pass on to the new president.  Will be shipped in the mail.  Had a wonderful time here.  Gave thanks to all to be there.

Vice President’s Report – Wren

She gave thanks to everyone for the opportunity to serve. She will continue to promote the henge in her travels and will try to continue writing for Henge Happenings.

Secretary – Tony

Books and office materials are in good shape.  About the same membership level.  HH is ready to go but is being held until the election results are final.  Tony will begin the transition to the New Secretary upon return to Georgia.

Treasurer’s Report - Karl.

Net Income for 2008, $926.30 – Total Henge Assets $8,9364.03.

Council of Elders Report

(Former) Archdruid Tony indicated that Council of Elders met earlier in the week and discussed several issues – Ordination Process. By-Laws “Defrocking Amendment,” Remove phrase “Sunday best”

Newly elected Archdruid Karl received his new “Archdruid” cord, which is white with a gold thread.

Archdruid  Karl spoke about his vision of shaping ordination ideas into a real manifest shape.  He also spoke of bringing as much life to the Henge as possible, in all ways.  He also asked everyone to give hand of thanks to the Archdruid emeritus for his shepherding along the Henge.

Election Results (counted by Trustee Caroline)

  • President:      Tony - 26 (Elected)
    Rain - 2
  • Vice-President:    Grey Boar - 27 (Elected)
  • Secretary:    Rain 27 - (Elected)
  • Trustee:       Naomi - 24 (Elected)
    Rovena - 12

Thanks was given to all candidates and congratulations were given to those elected.

2009 Board of Trustees

Open questions:

Many questions were asked and answered during the course of the weekend by the general members attending the gathering; they indicated they had nothing further.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:27.

Submitted by the Secretary

This was the Thirteenth  Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe.

  • 2009 – Bangor, ME
  • 2008 – Letchworth SP, NY
  • 2007 – Shreveport, LA
  • 2006 – Clarksburg, WV
  • 2005 – Canastota, NY
  • 2004 – Clarksburg, WV
  • 2003 – Coon Rapids, MN
  • 2002 – Syracuse, NY
  • 2001 – Quincy, MA
  • 2000 – Coon Rapids, MN
  • 1999 – Kansas City, MO
  • 1998 – Atlanta, GA
  • 1997 – Minneapolis, MN

Druid Headstone Update

Fellow Veterans:

Awen Symbol The quest for recognition for Druids to have the Awen symbol on their VA provided grave marker continues. As you may know, the use of the Druid's Awen symbol on Veteran's markers is in limbo until we have a vet who needs a marker and the family is willing to pursue the action. To help make the use of the Awen symbol a reality, we would like all Vets to put their desires IN WRITING.  Your desires should be in the form of a letter, your own words, and should explains your desire to have the Awen symbol used as a symbol of faith on your memorial's marker. This desire should then be communicated to your the next of kin.

We would like you send a copy of your letter to the Henge Office. Our having a copy of your letter/desires could help expedite any requests that come in. We would share your letter with Ellen Hopman, who is coordinating much of the Druid quest and with the Lady Liberty League, who did much to have pentacle approved as s symbol of faith for our Wiccan friends. Please send copies of your instruction to: The Henge of Keltria, 2350 Spring Rd, PMB 140, Smyrna, GA 30080.

Your letters are crucial in showing the Veterans Administration that there are veterans who want the Awen symbol to be used for them. It will help this campaign proceed as a religious freedom issue,  We need those letters.

Thank you and walk wish wisdom,

- Tony /|\
Veteran, US Navy

Inner Traditions catalog received.

We received the latest catalog from Inner Traditions / Bear & Company New Titles and Best Sellers. (Fall * Winter 2008 edition.) The cover artwork is a dramatic trilithon drawin. Of course, books that relate to recent movie releases were featured. The Secrets of Masonic Washington: A Guidebook to Signs, Symbols, and Ceremonies at the Origin of America's Capital and The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls: Unlocking the Secrets of the Past, Present, and Future were featured. Feminine Mysteries in the Bible: The Soul Teachings of the Daughters of the Goddess, Twelve-Tribe Nations: Sacred Number and the Golden Age and The Morning of the Magicians: Secret Societies, Conspiracies, and Vanished Civilizations. also have promise for those on the Druid Path

For the Bard: A Good Night's Sleep: A Drug-Free Solution is a "how to" to overcome insomnia with visualization, breath work, and meditation.

For the Seer: Reiki for the Heart and Soul: The Reiki Principles as Spiritual Pathwork and The Seeress of Prevorst: Her Secret Language and Prophecies from the Spirit World may be of interest.

With nothing being specifically Celtic nor Druidic, this issue is something of a disappointment.

Web Hosting Change

We had a lot of trouble with our previous Web Services Hosting company, particularly with our e-Mail. As such, we have changed providers. The new website is still WWW.KELTRIA.ORG. The old site is still available as

That site will go away when the current contract/service expires. Watch the new site for changes. The web e-mail is easier to use and the Contact/Feedback Forms work much better. Watch the site for future changes and improvements.

Also do not forget: The Spirit of the Web is always with you.

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