Moving into the Evolving 21st Century: A Time of Transition, Review and Revision

From Henge of Keltria's President

Karl Schlotterbeck

Karl Schlotterbeck

Over the years, a small number of people have been actively involved in maintaining the mundane affairs of the Henge and its spiritual underpinnings, and specialists have kept the website going and produced our various publications. During our recent Annual Gathering, participants discussed ways to be of service to the varying needs of our members, and to make the Henge more sustainable in our modern environment with evolving means of communication through the web, blogs and social media. A basic question was, in light of modern trends, how the Henge might remain true to its mission while best serving and being served by its members, initiates and officers.

During these discussions, several possible ways forward were noted, such as reducing the number of officers for more efficient decisions and communication, or continuing as-is – with adjustments to various operations, and revision of the by-laws to bring them up to date. By the end of the Gathering, our consensus was to take the latter option: continue with our current administrative structure, while revising the by-laws and re-structuring our membership process. (See below.)

Since the by-laws have not kept pace with the evolution of the Henge (and show an increasing number of amendments to attempt to do so), a major overhaul is being undertaken, spearheaded by President Emeritus Wren and Trustee TopazOwl. It will, of course, go through the usual process of discussion and official approvals.

Jenne Micale, who has been elegantly editing Henge Happenings (HH), has been given the official title of “Communications Officer” and will guide us through a transition from the periodical publication of HH to an ongoing blog-based platform called “Keltria’s Well of Wisdom.”

With unanimous consent of the board, BeanSidhe accepted appointment to the office of secretary of the Board of Trustees. We are grateful for her willingness to serve in this capacity. TopazOwl was re-elected to her seat on the Board of Trustees, and Ulchabhan was elected to the open seat. We want to thank retiring trustee Caroline for her service to the Henge in this capacity. Autumn Rose graciously continues to serve in her position as trustee.

The Board received and unanimously adopted a proposal from Treasurer Tony to simplify renewals by shifting memberships to an annual renewal consonant with the calendar year. Thus, memberships will run from January 1 to December 31 each year. The Board’s resolution approved on July 9, 2016 are summarized as follows:

1. Memberships that expire between July and the end of this year will be extended to December 31 of this year.

2. Automatic renewals between now and December will be suspended with the intent to begin renewals this December for 2017.

3. No new memberships will be accepted from now until December of this year.

4. Before the end of the year, the Board will review and revise the membership process as deemed appropriate.

Thus, the Board of Trustees is actively engaged in reviewing our operation in the mundane affairs of the Henge. In addition, the Council of Elders, in consultation with members of the Ring of the Oak, is also taking the next few months to review various policies to strengthen Groves.

It was a busy and exciting Gathering with the potential for strengthening the heart of Keltria on many levels. I wish to thank all the participants who invested their time, finances, ideas and optimism toward a renewal that promises to benefit us all.

Walk with Wisdom.

Annual Meeting Ballot Results.

Election Results:

Congratulations to TopazOwl, who was reelected to a third term as Trustee.
Congratulations to Ulchabhán, who was elected as Trustee.
Congratulations to BeanSidhe, who was appointed and confirmed as Secretary of the Henge of Keltria by the Board of Trustees.

Bylaws Amendment #32

Cover - Bylaws 2016During the Annual Meeting of the Henge of Keltria on 9 July 2016, the membership voted to approve Bylaws Amendment #32. I have updated the Bylaws to Version 2016 and made them available to the public for free download from the website. See:

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