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GreyBoar has been a member of the Henge since 1995. He was initiated in March of 1997 and elevated to the Ring of the Yew in June of 1998. He co-founded Garrán na Sean-Cloche (Olde Stone Grove) at Samhain, 1992. He was the Eastern (Bláth) Regional Coordinator in the 1990's and served as a Trustee on the Board of Trustees from 1998 until 2000. Some of his interests include Native American archeology, gardening (herbs, flowers and veggies), family camping and shooting. He also enjoys the study of ancient religions. He was elected Vice President in 2009.

Help Wanted!

From the Vice President - Lughnasadh 2011

By GreyBoar

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Vice President GreyBoar

Imagine this advertisement in your local newspaper under the “Help Wanted” section.


With our new program based on ancient principles we’ll not only teach both men and women how to become advisers or consultants to KINGS and PRESIDENTS and to grow long white beards but to also make BIG CASH!!! Learn how to contact the Old Gods for all your needs as well as being the first in your community to wear a white robe and SOLID GOLD TORQUE!!!


Don’t we all wish that this were true? Except for the part about women growing long white beards, this sounds fantastic! People would beat our doors down to become members.

Yet, there are many opportunities within The Henge of Keltria. First, have you completed the Henge’s correspondence course?  Have you considered starting a study group? Or, if you’ve done that, taking it a step further by forming a Grove?  If you’re already a Grove member are you volunteering within that Grove to assist in training new members or fulfilling some other position?

There are many resources available to members of the Henge to assist you in these endeavors, for example “The Grove Leader’s Handbook” or “The Henge Of Keltria’s Book of Ritual”. What about volunteering to give talks at local Pagan events to better inform people about The Henge of Keltria and Druidism?

I know I’ve kicked this can around before. As individuals, it’s sometimes hard to recognize the opportunities available to us. Religion is a very personal matter and not at all easy to share at times. I’m not a “Druid Evangelical” nor do I expect you to be. Never the less, when the chance does present itself, speak up! At the minimum, it’s very easy to refer someone to WWW.KELTRIA.ORG for more info.

In closing, we will never be able to offer the  “perks” in this silly ad I wrote. It’s up to us as members to help The Henge and Keltrian Druidism grow.

To All a Blessed Lughnasadh!

Greetings All! – Beltaine 2011

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Vice President GreyBoar

Mother Nature has been at again.  It’s been quite a winter for most here in the U.S. though I’m sure that by now warmer weather has come your way.  This year started with record temperatures and snowfall amounts for many.  Some people here in the north Georgia area were trapped in their neighborhoods for nearly a week by iced roads.  Folks in some of the northern states really were trapped by snow that measured in feet rather than the few inches we experienced here.

Now with all the recent volcanic and tectonic activity as well as the major earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it seems as though Mother Nature has it in for us.

Not really though, it’s just the way the laws of nature work.  As Druids, we of all people should understand the basics of nature and learn to exist within Earth’s various events and cycles.  One of my favorite triads is:

“There are three people accursed: they who work against the laws of Nature without concern, they who know nothing of the Mighty Ones and do not seek to learn, and they who know much and will not share their knowledge with any other.”

Of particular importance to the subject of this article is the first third of this triad…the section regarding working against Nature.  For the most part, we can’t control Nature with the exception of being in a very small environment such as a building or other enclosure.

Acting unsafely or foolishly against Nature can actually curse you, with the possibility of loss of limb or life. The best we can do is to prepare for these cycles and events.  Sometimes it’s easy enough, for example, putting on ones coat, hat and gloves to go out into the cold.  On the other hand it could be quite difficult too, if for instance you and your family had to evacuate your home for several days because of an impending hurricane or wildfire.

This last March was “National Preparedness Month” and so I took the time to research, via the internet some ideas as how to better ready myself and family should some sort of disaster occur.  According to the American Red Cross, folks should have a “72 Hour Kit” or bag…sometimes called a “bug out bag” or B.O.B. I learned that there are important items that every family should keep on hand within the home, that their courses enabling one to assist injured family members and neighbors in the event of a disaster.  I won’t go into all the details because your preparations will be unique to you, your location, and your level of experience.

The American Red Cross has various websites addressing these issues.  Then too, there’s an organization called “Zombie Squad” that offers some very practical ideas and advice while at the same time lacing it with “zombie humor”.  (“Zombies” being a metaphor for disastrous events)  Their web address is; www.zombiehunters.org.

Take the time to ready yourself and be “the Druid in the know” as it may save the lives of friends or family should the need arise.

Have a blessed and safe Beltane!
- GreyBoar

The Everyday Lives of the Ancient Celts

by GreyBoar

Grey Boar

[Ed note: During the 2010 Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe, GreyBoar gave a wonderful workshop regarding “The Everyday Lives of the Ancient Celts.”  At the conclusion of that workshop, GreyBoar had a handout of recommended books, websites, and videos that provide additional information regarding the everyday lives of the ancient Celts. That handout is represented here. - Editor]

For further research…


  • [amazon_link id="041505764" target="_blank" ]The Celtic World[/amazon_link] 
        by Miranda J. Green
        ISBN 0-415-05764
  • [amazon_link id="0-500-05067-8" target="_blank" ]The World of the Celts[/amazon_link] 
        by Simon James
        ISBN 0-500-05067-8
  • [amazon_link id="0-19-869157-2" target="_blank" ]Dictionary of Celtic Mythology[/amazon_link]
        by James MacKillop
        ISBN 0-19-869157-2

Web Sites:


  • [amazon_link id="0-7907-8708-3" target="_parent" ]The Celts: Rich traditions and Ancient Myths[/amazon_link] 
        BBC Video  
        ISBN 0-7907-8708-3
  • Celtic Causeways”
        Discovery Channel
  • [amazon_link id="B000065U28" target="_parent" ]Sorcerers and Wizards: Real Magic[/amazon_link]        Discovery Channel
  • [amazon_link id="B000EJ9ROW" target="_blank" ]Sex and the Celts[/amazon_link] 
        Jimmy Duggan
            /Pathfinder Home Entertainment

Greetings All! (Samhain 2010)

By Grey Boar

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Vice President GreyBoar

The old Celtic year has ended and what a year it has been! Undoubtedly it was one of the busiest years I’ve ever experienced.

It was my privilege to meet those of you who were able to attend the “2010 Keltrian Gathering of the Tribes” here in Cumming, Georgia. The entire weekend was a joyous occasion for me and I thank all of you who took time out of your busy lives to attend.
I also want to thank those of you who contributed your time and effort to the success of the excellent workshops and rituals. Then too, I’d like to offer my gratitude to those members of Olde Stone Grove who participated as well as my bandraoi, BeanSidhe for all her hard work in planning and preparing for the event.

Tony and I manned a table for “The Henge” at Atlanta Pagan Pride Day on Saturday, October 9th. We handed out “Keltrian’ info flyers and membership forms to all people interested… and there were plenty! The official count was just under 900 attendees that day. As a side note, there was also a drive to collect food for the needy in Atlanta through the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The Bank was blessed with over a half ton of food collected from attendees and vendors.

At this time, I’d also like to give my appreciation to Tony for assisting me with the “Introduction to Keltrian Druidism” workshop.

Recently “Druidry” was recognized as an “official” religion In the United Kingdom, although some there are still unsure whether this is a good thing or not. It remains to be seen how this will affect the different groups there.

Yet with all the wonderful events that have occurred this year there has been sadness as well.  Alexei Kondratiev and Isaac Bonewits passed this year; both who were invaluable contributors to modern Druidism. The Atlanta Pagan community is certain to miss Lady Sintana founder and Wiccan High Priestess of the House of Ravenwood who crossed through the veil in September.  She was one of the first to fight for our rights to follow the Old Religion, in whatever form, here in the United States.

As we gather for ritual to honor our Ancestors this Samhain, let us all take time to remember all those whom have passed into “The Other World” this year and raise our drinking horns to their honor as well.

Still, the Celtic New Year is upon us. It would be wonderful to see more members enrolled in the Henge’s correspondence course. Then too, we would need more people involved in mentoring those students. Though we’re certainly not evangelistic, it would be beneficial to our Henge to have more members with the capabilities of “furthering” our tradition. Hopefully this would lead to more Groves. So why don’t you toss those ogham sticks and see what the Gods would have you do this year!

Happy Celtic New Year and a blessed Samhain to all!