Samhain Blessings and the Transformation of Keltria

Karl Schlotterbeck, President Emeritus

As of sundown on Tuesday, October 31, the corporation of the Henge of Keltria no longer exists. It was a decision well over a year in the making. (You can read the “Report of the 2017 Gathering of the Keltrian Tribes” in my August 13, 2017 post.) The Henge of Keltria has been a shelter for many of us, whether members or initiates, and a source of wisdom and teaching through its publications, correspondence course, grove training, mentoring and presentations at our annual gatherings. The Council of Elders has provided theological guidance, and rituals for dedication, initiation, elevation and other celebrations. Various members (mostly trustees and elders) fielded questions and inquiries from the public, and supported far-flung groves. Naturally, this website/blog has been a resource for contact, teaching, dissemination of information and interchange among members.

With the dissolution of the legal entity, none of these activities is necessarily lost. Their form, however, and the weight of their expression will now fall on a wider population of Druids and interested folk. Those who have taken this path seriously will continue to carry forward the activities that have made Keltria the bright light that it has been. We must distinguish here between Keltria and the legal entity known as “The Henge of Keltria.” Although the legal arm is no longer the center for us, we continue to evolve and carry forward individually. It is up to each of us to maintain the spiritual entity of Keltria as individuals or as a groves or other associations.

The time of the official dissolution of the Henge of Keltria was purposely set for sundown on the 31st at the turning of the year. This is the time of letting go into an apparent dormancy that allows the incubation of seeds until Spring awakens a hidden life into flower once more. A universe of possibilities remains open to us. We are the Druids of the present, living in this world that has seen much change since the founding of the Henge, and there remain opportunities to carry our work and celebrations into the future – which we are creating in each moment, with each action. To help serve these purposes, Keltria’s Walk with Wisdom blog site will be supported for at least the next five years.

Now, in this time when the veil between the worlds is thin, may we be receptive to the ancient spirit of the Druids and become ourselves the cauldron that feeds the spiritual needs of our shared Earth and its visible and invisible residents. As we honor our Ancestors of Blood, let us also recognize our “Ancestors of Spirit,” including the founders of Keltria, its Elders and officers who wrestled with theological issues, and put into written and spoken words a body of immense value from which we are all fed.

No one can do our work for us. It is we who are the ones called to honor the ancestors, revere the spirits of nature and celebrate the gods and goddesses of our tribe. Nothing in this regard has changed, the Hallmarks of Keltrian Druidism remain as valuable as ever, and the Book of Keltria is a guide for this time and Druids of the future.

May you have a blessed Samhain, and may the gifts of this time surround and inspire you.

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