Ancestors of Place

During the 2017 Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe, Elder Tony gave a presentation regarding "Ancestors of Place."  Ancestors of Place join Ancestors of Blood and Ancestors of Spirit to form a triad of Ancestors.  Here are his presentation slides:

Click Image to download slide show in PDF format.

Keltria Journal Issue 34 - Beltaine/Summer '97

Keltria Journal Issue 34 - Beltaine/Summer '97

Contains article "Understanding the Ways of the Ancestors." Check it out!

32 pages, published 1997 - Reprinted 2017


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About tony

Elder Tony is one of the founders of Keltrian Druidism. He is a former president of the Board of Trustees and a former Archdruid of Council of Elders for the Henge of Keltria.

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