GryphonSong Clan – Feast of Harvest Ritual

During the Grove’s Choice at the Feast of Harvest ritual, GryphonSong Clan constructed a small cairn from black river rocks inside a beautiful dragon mazor (made by Sweetwater pottery). We directed energy into the repository for positive growth of Keltrian Druidism and the Keltrian collective. Our offerings to the fire focused upon the vitality and longevity of the Keltrian teachings and practices.

Photo of a Keltrian Druid Altar.

Keltrian Druid Altar: Feast of Harvest - GryphonSong 2017 - Photo by Govannan


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Eíbhlean has been active the Old Religion for decades and has studied and developed her path work under Bhardic/Druidic, Eclectic, Gnostic and Earth Steward paths of study. She enjoys playing the harp for various functions and is a volunteer in retirement communities and for pain relieving therapy in hospice and hospital work. She has a deep love and affinity for trees and enjoy giving workshops and doing workings incorporating their timeless lessons. She has a BBA in Software Engineering from Georgia State. She has two beautiful and talented children; Rachel and Matt. She currently lives in Conyers Georgia with her wife and a herd of attack cats.

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