From the President: A Happy Samhain to All!

Karl SchlotterbeckHow amusingly coincidental that our American elections come in the Halloween season when people dress in strange costumes of personas that they think will gain them treats from us and, in a curious twist, attempt to dress their opponents in mythologies which they themselves are often hiding. It requires a lot of effort to keep the Cup of Truth in my head from shattering but, rather than giving up, turning away or numbing out, I try to be an adult and sort through wasted words for some glimmer of truth that will help me understand what is going on beneath the surface, and what the potential might be for our long-term evolution. I hold out hope that a truth might grow in our consciousness that is worthy of the ancestors, respectful of nature and her spirits, and would be honorable in the face of all we hold as sacred.

Of course, we all know that this version of the darkening year derives from Celtic celebrations at the beginning of the first month of winter – Samhain. As Samhain approaches, we in the Northern Hemisphere are faced with that recurring theme of letting go and going into the dark. Although we might like to ignore the fact that death is always near, awareness of the changes of seasons in our part of the world (Northern Hemisphere temperate zone) shows us different kinds of transitions. Some only look like death, as life draws in and down, only to rise and blossom once more in the spring. Those that do die as individuals leave seed behind that becomes the new generation of their kind. It seems to me that there is also a kind of death in those who fight the darkening of this season and try to stave off their anxiety by pretending nothing is changing and use artificial light to continue on. Indeed, there is light in the dark, but it doesn’t come from strings of manufactured lights or from metaphors of death and resurrection (even if reflecting a reality), but from the light we each carry within ourselves and the capacity to receive inspiration (imbas). Imbas cannot enter if we close against the dark for, when we open to what is, we can recognize the greater truth and embrace our destiny.

May all who read these words find in their hearts the best seeds of their nature and dreams that they can nurture through the dark months and into the new seasons. But first, I raise a glass to the Dark and its embrace.


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Archdruid Karl Schlotterbeck, MA, CAS, is a longtime student of the Druid way (including the Druid grade of OBOD), a shaman, drummer, and licensed psychologist. He was elected Archdruid in July of 2009. He is the author of Living Your Past Lives: The Psychology of Past-Life Regression (iUniverse 2002 revision), The Karma In Your Relationships (iUniverse 2003), and Lion of Satan, Lion of God (co-author), and other manuscripts in progress. He lives in Minnesota with his wife, children and assorted animals.

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