From the Groves: Harvesting gratitude in Gryphonsong Clan

For the second Wheel/Feast harvest this year, we chose to focus on gratitude. Our Clan has seen many transitions in this past year and it has given us moments of joy, sadness and opportunities to pause and to reflect on the lessons we each are being presented in different ways.

Within and throughout the many shifts of our respective Paths, the one consistent and solid theme we kept returning to was "gratitude for community (of blood, heart and spirit)". In being reminded of our triad of existence, each of us in various ways was brought to a place where, no matter how heavily our experiences were weighing on us at the time, there was always this light – like the star in the Hermit’s lamp – that spoke of hope and heart home.

So we gathered at the balance point before the dark time of the year and spoke our gratitude. As we speak to our Matron and Patrons each time we come together:

“…Let us hear you with open and grateful Hearts – Let us grow and serve, always reaching for the light…”

May your harvests bring laughter and joy to your lives,

GryphonSong Clan

fall-equinox-feast-of-fallow-2016-gratitude-altar-1 fall-equinox-feast-of-fallow-2016-gratitude-altar-2 fall-equinox-feast-of-fallow-2016-gratitude-grail

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