Secretary’s Report: July 2016

Written before the Gathering.
The Gathering of the Keltrian Tribes is just around the corner!  We look forward to greeting and celebrating again with our Henge brothers and sisters who could make the journey.  Know that all who are absent will be held in our minds and hearts with much love and appreciation for the energy everyone brings to keeping our Tradition strong and growing.   Membership activity overall has been light -- but we are happy to see that several new members have recently joined the Henge list. Please do respond with a warm welcome when they introduce themselves online.
Thank you all for the privilege of giving service as Secretary these last four years.
Walk with Wisdom, Strength and Gratitude


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Eíbhlean has been active the Old Religion for decades and has studied and developed her path work under Bhardic/Druidic, Eclectic, Gnostic and Earth Steward paths of study. She enjoys playing the harp for various functions and is a volunteer in retirement communities and for pain relieving therapy in hospice and hospital work. She has a deep love and affinity for trees and enjoy giving workshops and doing workings incorporating their timeless lessons. She has a BBA in Software Engineering from Georgia State. She has two beautiful and talented children; Rachel and Matt. She currently lives in Conyers Georgia with her wife and a herd of attack cats.

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