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Dragonflies and Lightning

Ruby (Red) Johnson Widner – a formidable and loved Elder Mother and Friend – has taken on her final adventure in her transition to the Summerlands.  A woman who stepped out fearlessly and walked a spiritual path that called to her heart and led her to travel to many places and to touch many lives, she loved her children, both physical and spiritual, with a deep reverence.  She lost one son far too soon and held her surviving son, daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren as the most precious parts of her long and fascinating life.

Ruby's Shrine on Summer Solstice

Ruby's Shrine on Summer Solstice

She often spoke of her love of dragonflies and how they always seemed to gravitate to her. Storms gave her thrill and joy to watch rolling in and she actually experienced having lightning strike her vehicle; she remembered with awe watching the blue light dance over and around her. The smell of freshly mowed lemongrass always reminded her of Kentucky.  She loved fresh tomatoes and annually did battle with Georgia’s ever-present hornworms to protect her plants. She loved roses and surrounded herself with them in art and various richly colored rose bushes in her yard.

Ruby's Solstice Fire

Ruby's Solstice Fire

She was fierce, strong and sometimes seemed impossible to the people in her lives. But she lived her life and walked her Walk as authentically as she could. She brought knowledge, grace and a sense of family to those who heard the call and sought her out as a craft wisewoman for more than 70 years. We were blessed with the gift of knowing her.

May starshine light your path ,dear Mother. That which is remembered, lives.

With Love and Reverence,

GryphonSong Clan

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