Editor’s note: The Tree of Wisdom has gone digital

Jenne Micale

Jenne Micale

The morning is still and hot here in upstate New York, and the plants are thirsty for the rains that have yet again passed us by.

Normally, today would be the day I put together the Lughnasadh issue of Henge Happenings, furiously darting between files and muttering, "What the hell, Open Office?" at the inevitable moments when something went wrong.

Today is different.

Right now, at this moment, I am sipping a cup of coffee and writing this piece directly into the Well of Wisdom, our Henge of Keltria blog. There is no hair-pulling, no alternate cursing and blessing of open-source software. As 21st century Druids, we have finally gone digital.

Just as life evolves, so has our platform. Fewer people were downloaded and reading the extensive PDF file I put together on the cross-quarters, so it made sense to go directly to the web. By posting articles directly, it will be easier for you to read them, share them on Facebook or social media, or find just what you're looking for on the Keltria website/blog.

Plus, I will be able to post articles as they come in -- at any time of year. Did you write a poem for the Spring Equinox, or have some great Winter Solstice recipes? Send them along and I can post and share them in real-time! No more writing articles months in advance, or waiting for the next issue.

With no page-lengths to consider, articles can be as short or long as you need. From a 10-chapter "short" story on Mad Suibhne to a couple of lines sharing your gratitude, we'll take it!

Important: I still need your content to make this work! And yes, I can still help you polish it and get it into a form you can be proud of -- no judgments rendered! So don't be shy; I'm a friendly sort of critter. Send me your poems and stories, essays and recipes, photos and artwork. Send me a recap of that last great ritual you did, or a review of that book, CD or rune set.

Send your submissions to: HH-Editor@keltria.org, HHSubmissions@keltria.org or dulcimergoddess@keltria.org.

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