From the Vice President – Imbolc 2014

by BeanSidhe

Photo of Vice President BeanSidhe

Vice President BeanSidhe

Greetings fellow Keltrians,

As I began to prepare to write this letter I decided to look back at some older additions of the Henge Happenings. I wanted to see if I was on the right track with what is to be conveyed in this quarterly newsletter.

I started with HH #31 which was released August of 1996. Issue after issue what continued to jump out at me was the sheer determination to produce the finest quality Druid origination possible.  My chest swells with Celtic pride as I read the many trials, growing pains, and triumphs The Henge of Keltria has experienced and celebrated throughout its’ many years.

With the age of mass communication and the ability to reach thousands by a single push of a button, HOK has maintained it’s high standards of being Celtic in focus and placing scholarship in high regard.  As I peruse the many different on-line Druid groups quite often they are riddled with bickering and competition on who wears the biggest hat. The Henge of Keltria has consistently stayed away from such childish behavior and maintained clean forums on which we are free to gain and exchange knowledge.

I raise a horn of The Waters of Life to you Tony Taylor. Firstly for being the Champion of our grove Olde Stone. Secondly for being the awesome druid that you are. Your forethought, patience and wisdom has help to provide a firm foundation for many druids who will walk this path for centuries to come.

I raise a horn of The Waters of Life to the past, present and future boards and trustees. You have been, are and will be that strength that feeds the foundation for Henge of Keltria.

I raise a horn of the Waters of Life to long term Keltrian members and new ones alike. Through our daily lives we walk the druid path and in doing so we share by example the many blessings of our Ancestors, Nature Spirits and Gods. I find great gratitude in the knowledge that at each feast no matter how far our physical distance may be we have the opportunity to be together as one when we call all druids of the present.

Many Blessings to you and yours in this Season of the Stirring,

Walk with Wisdom,

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