From the Vice President – Samhain 2013

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In this season we are inundated with the sights and sounds of the macabre. The ghost that says boo and the bloody zombie that slowly chases us. All of these symbols of death lend a lightheartedness to the realization that death is part of our life path. The emotions we experience as a loved one passes can not be fully described. We vary from sadness to anger and guilt with many other emotions that seem to be beyond our control. As druids we are always communing with our ancestors. We hold great honor for those who have passed before us. Samhain gives us the opportunity to work the task of letting go of to the physical, remembering the mind, and honoring the spirit of those who have passed.

As we step into the Celtic Winter we begin to receive the sustaining gifts from The Dagda’s cauldron of bounty. Gratitude is necessary for what we may be gifted with from The Dagda. If your body is craving steak and you receive a can of spam add a little hot sauce and be thankful.

The Dagda also blesses us in the Celtic Winter with the opportunity to renew our spirit.  The earth mother takes a sigh from growth and production. We see nature retreating. Animals secure their beds and rely on the bounty that the Celtic Summer has provided. We too can retreat into our mind and spirit and take this time to enrich our knowledge of the world around us and of ourselves.

The energy of The Mórrigán allows us to simplify and cull negative or disruptive aspects that we may have allowed to enter our life.

This is a time of gratitude and introspection. We now have the opportunity to walk the path of the responsible druid. One who is sustained with gratitude in mind, nourishment of body, and enrichment of spirit.

 Walk with Wisdom,

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About BeanSidhe

BeanSídhe cofounded Garrán na Sean-Cloche (Olde Stone Grove) in Cumming, Georgia on Samhain of 1992. She’s been the coleader or Druidess (Bean Drai´) of the Grove since that time. BeanSídhe (pronounced Banshee), was initiated into the Ring of The Birch in 1997. She was elevated to Ring of The Oak in June 2012 and received her Keltrian ordination in November of the same year. BeanSídhe has taught classes at various Celtic and Pagan gatherings on many subjects over the years which have included Druidism, “wildcrafting,” and divination. Some of her pastimes are herbal gardening, camping and kayaking as well as spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren.

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