DUIR – URA – Druid Cord

DUIR – URA – Druid Cord

by Eibhlean/Owl GryphonSong Clan

Photo of Secretary Eíbhlean


Cord work is widely adaptable. One very basic use is for protection. A cord can be made with the intent to protect the wearer from harm. Then, when worn, the cord protects from specific types of harm as the need arises. One caution: these protective cords should only be used when needed, not casually worn day in and day out. They work well when sleeping in an unfamiliar place, or visiting somewhere the wearer is uncertain about.

The truly wonderful thing about the Druid’s Cords is that they are completely passive until you choose whether to activate them or not and utilize what they project as you see fit.  The activation process is simply repeating the three word chant, given at the end of this article, three times while focusing on the cord (you don’t have to hold it – you could simply hang it somewhere in eyesight – in a sunlit window would be perfect).  If you later feel you no longer need nor want what it brings into your life you can either bury or burn it.  This  releases its energy in an open and harmless manner.

You will braid three cords – try to pick as natural a material as possible but thin ribbon works just as well.  Oak’s color is black for the face of the oak during a lightning storm and the faces of those who jump the midsummer flame.  It is the Doorway of understanding and the 7th moon in the Lunar Tree year. The other two cords are Blue and Purple to bring in associations of Sky and Focused Spirituality.

Create two talismans to braid into the cord that represent Oak and Heath.  Both Oak and Heath are considered Sky trees with Heath’s focus on intuition and inspiration and Oak’s focus on change, understanding and coming into being.

Oak/Duir and Heath/Ura its supporting solar tree.

The seeds of hope and desire are planted towards the end of the winter months.  They will sprout in the spring and be ready for evaluation in the summer.  Your goals will be victoriously reached by firmly establishing and maintaining your foundations.

You have already yielded to the trial by fire and with the help of Oak, you dance in the euphoria of success.  You hear the Goddess of the Hinges speak in the wind.

Your Druid’s Cord has the following additional associations tied to it to enhance this focus:

  • Small pine cones – for vigor/healing and continual joy in your home
  • Oil – blend and place in a small (1/4 or 1/8 dram)bottle – tie to the braided cord
  • An almond base oil with:
  • Frankincense – Spirituality
  • Orange – Love
  • Cinnamon – Success
  • And a small bit of Oak Moss

Write out a Tree Charm on a small piece of parchment in Gaelic Irish Script - (roll it up tightly and secure it to the braided cord with a short red ribbon):


Add feathers, small bells and stones that are you personally associate with the Druid Cord’s intent. These can be tied anywhere along the length or at the end of the braided cord.

Activating Chant:Hope, Desire, Being

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